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Pollution And The World Around Us - 2021 Words

Pollution and The World Around Us Did you know the air we breathe on a daily basis can be harmful to our health? According to a study published in The Journal of Environmental Research Letters, â€Å"Air pollution kills more than 2 million people each year† (Bradford). One of the most significant problems the world is facing today is pollution. It has affected many lives of humans and animals, and is still continuing to do so. Pollution can be fixed by people being educated on what it is doing to the lives of many people. Understanding what the sources of pollution are, realizing what illnesses it causes to animals and humans, and coming up with a solution for stopping it at its source will reduce the effects of pollution greatly. According to Webster’s Dictionary, pollution is defined as, â€Å"substances that make land, water, and air dirty and not safe or suitable to use† (Merriam-Webster). Two very important types of pollution the world is affected by are ai r and water pollution. In many countries around the world, air pollution takes the lives of many citizens. There are many different types of air pollution, but the types that can harm people are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and ozone. These can come in either a gaseous or particulate form. Water pollution can harm humans, but it mainly affects the fish and other organisms that live in the bodies of water. Water pollution not only has an affect on oceans, but water anywhere around the world. It can affectShow MoreRelatedEffects Of Population Pollution Essay1464 Words   |  6 Pages Population around the world is growing rapidly each year, which is unfortunately causing negative impacts on the environment. Each day the air around us is becoming more polluted as the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere caused by human activities increases each day. As population continues to gradually increase, it is causing harmful effects in terms of air pollution. An increase in the number of people directly varies with the pollution that is emitted into the environment. MoresoRead MoreGlobal Warming And Its Impact On Our Earth1676 Words   |  7 PagesIn many parts of the world, there are an abundance of factors that add to the destruction of our Earth. These issues include air, water, and environmental problems that we, as a global society, contribute to everyday. These concerns create major impacts that pertains to much of the globe and the world in which we inhabit today, compared to the world we lived in 50 years ago. Frequent statements that contribute to the overall thought of global warming include the following: how the community suppliesRead MoreThe Effects Of Air Pollution On Our Lives1304 Words   |  6 PagesDuring the recent years, air pollution has been the main cause of health problems in this society. Air pollution has caused so many health related sickness to the life we live in now. Air pollution has brought in high increase s of poisonous gases that impact the weather by global warming, and the air we breathe. As we breathe this toxic air we get in the same chemicals that are mostly found in cigarettes. Some people could get many diseases breathing this kind of air today, because the cigarettesRead MoreThe Effects Of Pollution On Our Planet1081 Words   |  5 PagesThe world we live in is constantly changing with the ways of pollution. How long is it going to be until people start to worry about the damage we are doing to our own home? Many people and families are being affected by pollution every single day. It can cause a variety of health problems that can possibly even lead to death. It’s extremely difficult for people to live in heavily polluted areas. The effects of pollution can sometimes last a lifetime. Not just on humans, but animals and plants tooRead MorePollution Essay949 Words   |  4 PagesPollution is the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment (Po llution, 2017). Ever since we were born there has always been a problem with harmful things on our planet. Humans have tried an enormous amount of ideas trying to help the planet. Adults tell the young kids to always recycle or to help the Earth by planting a tree. Those two ideas are spread around the entire world, but there are certain things going around that are not helping the Earth. They are called pollutantsRead MorePollution Essay828 Words   |  4 PagesPollution is everywhere! People even pollute without even knowing it. They simply throw their soda can on the ground, or even as small as throwing their cigarette on the ground. The point is that pollution is terrible and it needs to be stopped. I already knew that pollution was around. In fact, its been around since about 1948, but of course that is only when smog came and pollution got very bad. Pollution has been around many years before 1948. I wanted to find as many possible ways to lowerRead MoreThe Pollution Of China Air Pollution1473 Words   |  6 PagesEnglish 120 4/30/2015 Air Pollution in China â€Å"Anyone s life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit,† -Lillie Langtry(BrainyQuote); air is important part of life without we cannot live, yet the people in China breath in pollution air which is slowing killing their population. Most of us take the air we breathe for granted and never stop to think that we are slowly causingRead MorePollution, A Silent Death922 Words   |  4 PagesAws Alwattar Ms. White AP Biology May 19, 2015 Pollution, a silent death Imagine a world without pollution. A globe that’s free and open with clean and fresh air. Now this may sound like the perfect world to many, but to others it sounds impossible. It takes a lot to make it happen and there are many steps before reaching that perfect world. Pollution has many factors, from litter, garbage and plastics to oil spills, urban air and greenhouse gasses. Things like this cause natural disasters and environmentRead MoreHow Do Pollution Affect The Life?941 Words   |  4 PagesHow do pollution affect the life in earth? The global warming is a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants. The main cause of pollution is the human being. The contamination caused damage not only in animals and plants but also in the same man. In their attempt to progress and have an easier and bearable life has invented and used productsRead MoreA Brief Note On Pollution Across The World1514 Words   |  7 PagesPollution Across the World The Industrial Revolution was the spearhead for several generations of heavy pollution. The engines that are being used to make work easier emit large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2). The Earth s atmosphere is designed to handle a fair amount of carbon dioxide, but in the past century people have produced much more than it can manage. Global warming has become a recurring topic in many news stories since the late 1990 s. With the spotlight on emission control vehicle

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Othello †Race and Stereotypes Free Essays

Othello’s race does not prominently impact his demise, although Shakespeare touches upon the issue of race, the reason for Othello’s demise lies somewhere else. However, the allegations of race directly lead to its tragic ending. Feelings of inadequacy and distrust without question aid in the tragedy. We will write a custom essay sample on Othello – Race and Stereotypes or any similar topic only for you Order Now The fact that Othello’s skin color is important alters the interpretation of the tragedy within the play. The racism represented in Othello is not just about an instance of prejudices and prejudgments made by a crowd of people against another, but in fact has much more subtle and devastating consequences, specifically, that it is proliferated not only by the discriminatory section of society, but also by the target of this discrimination. Although Othello didn’t initially validate any of the stereotypical qualities that certain people labeled him with, he began adapting to them as he started to doubt himself. By coming to the assumption that he is in a racially inferior position, Othello struggled in dealing with the stereotypes appropriately, thereby only increasing his own struggle with his race. If Othello didn’t have such inferior complex and instead had faith within him, the conflict would never have ascended. Rather than tagging the play Othello as anti-racist or a discriminatory play, there is a substantial lesson that can be learned. From a racial perspective, the tragedy exposes the powerful outcomes that racial differences can generate when in conjunction with one’s personal self-doubt. With Iago’s manipulations the notions of race were provoked for Brabantio, Rodrigo, and Othello, activating any suppressed racial prejudices and self-doubt. It seems obvious that Iago has strong feelings of personal inadequacy and is jealous and resentful of the love shared between Othello and Desdemona. However, Iago’s motive seems to be more than that. I thought his hatred was from his own personal dissatisfaction, but when he becomes lieutenant he is still unhappy and goes for the total destruction of Othello’s life. So, I tried to see what it would be like to put my feet in Iago’s shoes, to feel his hatred and of course connect what the play is about. It then hit me that through Iago’s judgments Othello is â€Å"the Moor† and should therefore exemplify the common idea of a moor, which is not admiration, self-worth, and fortune; it is one of disconnectedness and dependency. When he says that â€Å"nothing can or shall content his soul/ Till he is evened with the Moor, wife for wife† (Act 2: Scene), he means that he is satisfied until Othello’s ife is made equal with his involving feelings of inadequacy and jealousy, which are all qualities fitting to a â€Å"moor†. Throughout the play Iago repetitively uses derogatory remarks when speaking of Othello so to encourage certain people in the play to endure racism and confirm that it was the norm. Even so, some of Iago’s semantics reveal his own prejudices. For example, Iago only refers to Othello as a â€Å"Moor† with the exception of when he refers to Othello as the â€Å"black Othello† (Act 2: Scene 3). Iago hates Othello because he is â€Å"the Moor† yet does not symbolize the expected role of what is thought of to be a black man in these times. There is neither reason nor logic behind his hatred, but discrimination against one seldom has reason, for it is characteristically irrational thinking. Iago is a clear illustration of what racism is and will justify his irrational thoughts with anything, just as Iago contributes to Brabantio and Rodrigo’s reasoning behind their actions and Othello’s reasons for acting out on his uncertainties and self-doubt ultimately leading to his demise and an all-around tragedy. How to cite Othello – Race and Stereotypes, Essay examples

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systems media table Essay Example Essay Example

systems media table Essay Example Paper systems media table Essay Introduction Systems Media Table systems media table Essay Body Paragraphs Tutor: System Purposes Examples Uses Word processorThese word processors are computer appliances used in producing typed text. The main purpose is to carry out all forms of manipulation in a created document in accordance to the user requirements through editing. In addition, word processors also enable the exchange of information and processing inputted data to output.One example is Microsoft word, which is used in creating a document through typing words. The second example is Microsoft excel which is used in performing calculations, creating and manipulation of tables.There are various applications of word processors including the use of footnotes, inserting and drawing tables and diagrams, and the appliance of arithmetic functions. Other uses includes checking and assessing grammatical errors, finding and replacing words, brings in information and arranges data in the order specified by the user.Hierarchical databaseThis is a data representation, which follows a tree-form arrange ment. The main purpose is in presenting the different types of association that help in connecting a number of information presented in tables.An example is in a school database that includes several features listed in columns such as student number, first name and last name. The hierarchical database can be applied when relating this database to another that contains student grades.The hierarchical database is used for presenting a sequence of information in a particular structure that is able to show the link between the various involved fields. It is also used in collecting and arranging data in a way that the various fields can be traced.Flat databaseIt is a database made of only one table. The singular table consists of a group of fields including rows and columns. It ensures easier storage of data by storing various categories of data in a single location.A mobile phone list can be a good example of a flat database since it contains two fields including the name and the corres ponding telephone numberA flat database can be applied in several fields including the creation of tables in word processors like Microsoft excel and web documents that include tables using HTML.Object-oriented databaseThis is a database providing facilities for database management. It enables storage of data in a way that can only be understood through applying techniques defined by its group. The connection among the same objects is reserved as indications between the objects.An example of an object-oriented database is the Virtual Object Storage System or VOSS that specializes in offering visible multi-user availability and operation processing of constant and versioned Smalltalk objects.An object-oriented database enables computer programmers to build up a certain product, accumulate them as objects and adjust the current objects to new ones that can be used within the database system.Stand alone information systemThis type of information system has the ability to operate autono mously without the assistance of connecting to other information systems.Examples of stand-alone system include the Mac operating system, Linux OS, Vista, Unix, Netware and Solaris operating systems.Stand-alone information systems can be used in the implementation of household security systems and telephony systems.Hospital information systemThis system ensures that the various medical institutions provide the utmost quality in healthcare and administrative service by providing information where it is required and acquiring it when generated through electronic data processing.An example of a Health Information System is the Radiology Information system that performs functions such as storage, manipulation, retrieval and interpretation of information concerning the x-rays performed on patients.The information system is used for managing information revolving the medical and administrative sectors in order for the medical staff to operate more effectively.Specialty information systemI t deals with handling processes that are specialized and connected to the Information Technology appliances. In addition, it is responsible for the management of information technology.An example is the Enterprise Resource Planning system, which is an incorporated information system that is used for managing the internal and external sources of a computer.Specialty Information Systems can be used in processes including management of projects, system analysis and design, database and network management, systems integration and engineering.Administrative information systemThey are information systems that are responsible for storing, retrieving and maintaining the flow of information that backs up the administrative structure of a particular organization.Examples of administrative information systems found in academic institutions include myWeb that gives information on students and the administrative staff and DUReports that deals with managing flow of information within the administ rative sector.This system can be applied in analyzing business processes, designing information systems, evaluation and assessment in technical research, programming systems and administrating databases for other several databases.Operations support systemsThe operating support system consists of applications that assist the communication service giver in monitoring, analyzing, controlling and managing a communication network.An example of an operating support system is the Transaction Processing System in which information is recorded and processed from business operations. Process Control Systems is another example that deals with monitoring and controlling the processes that take place in a computer hardware.It can be used for configuring network elements, sustaining the network list, providing customer service in communication agencies and managing network errors.Documentation systemThe system is designed to give particular information on the requirements, structure, operations and functionality of a yet to be developed system.An example is the medical documentation system, in which the medical service providers are able to be updated on the status of their patientsThe system can be used in accessing a general overview of other systems in order to borrow concepts when developing the new system.Electronic medical recordThis is an automated hospital record that is developed in health organizations including hospitals and clinics that deals with storing, retrieving and modifying information included in the records.Examples of softwares that show automated medical records include the Meditouch, and eClinical, that includes medical data of patients from the arrival to leaving period.The automated medical records can be used in assessing the interactive processes that take place between the patients and the medical staff. It can also be used for financial reference whereby the cost of medical supplies is calculated by referring to the list including the amount o f medical supplies.SpreadsheetSpreadsheets enable arithmetic calculations to be carried out through electronic means. Users can also be able to make corrections and changes to the numbers during the calculating process.An example is in the case where students are asked to get the statistical figures of their surrounding population. In this case, a spreadsheet will be used in arranging different population categories where the data is entered in different rows and columns.Spreadsheets can be used in the financial fields of accounting, assessment and evaluations of financial records, presentation of statistical graphs and financial budgeting.Presentation/graphicalThis system allows users in using different graphic styles to present extremely stylized pictures for slide show presentations. It consists of functions for inserting charts that helps in presenting information.An example is of a presentation or graphical application is the Microsoft PowerPoint, which enables users to transfo rm the information to be in a presentable manner by increasing font size plus the inclusion of images and graphs.The system can be used for presenting ideas in business management projects. It can also be used in presenting statistical figures when analyzing the costs involved in a business project.Decision aidA Decision aid system offers assistance in reaching a final decision given a selection of various alternatives. It focuses on helping individuals in selecting the most appropriate choice among various alternatives.An example is the Diagnostic decision Aid System for selection of surgical treatment. Another example is the Weed control Decision Aid System for selecting the preferred method of controlling weeds.A decision aid can be used where in assisting the medical staff where they have to make critical decisions concerning the appropriate medical diagnosis to follow when examining a patient.Decision support systemIt is a system meant for analyzing and presenting information i n order to simplify the decision-making process. In addition, it supports activities of a particular business or organization that supports decision-making.An example of this system is the Knowledge Based System, which is a set of artificial devices aimed at providing intellectual justified decisions. Another example is the banking system in which the credit status of a loan applicant is validated.Used for planning and managing the business activities in an organization. It can be used for financial analysis when making decisions based on the statistical figures of sales, costs and income. Expert SystemIt is a computerized system meant for giving solutions to composite problems through the process of reasoning about information. In addition, it does not follow the processes used by a developerAn example is known as the PXDES, or the Pneumoconiosis X-ray Diagnosis System, which is used for diagnosis of lung illnesses and x-rays. It integrates the inference locomotive to scan the shad ows generated by the x-ray.They can be used in diagnostic appliances, making critical decisions within the financial sector, configuration of personal computers. Other uses include monitoring real time systems and underwriting insurance guidelines. We will write a custom essay sample on systems media table Essay Example specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on systems media table Essay Example specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on systems media table Essay Example specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer

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On-Line Recruitment essays

On-Line Recruitment essays On-line recruiting is the process of attracting and hiring applicants for positions within an organization through use of the internet. In this paper I will assess an on-line recruitment service, identify the advantages and disadvantages of this vehicle as a recruiting technique for an organization, evaluate the pros and cons of dealing with virtual resumes, and develop criteria an organization can use for selecting an on-line recruiting service. is an on-line recruitment service based out of Reston, Virginia. Their resume database contains of over 1.5 million resumes, utilizes over 250 search agents, and has over 48,000 jobs posted on the main site, as well as 243,000 on their network, which consists of over fifty participating sites and network job boards. was rated by the February 2000 Forester Report as the most efficient on-line service, and claims to provide employers with the best access and exposure to top websites such as MSN and USA Today, along with various industry sites and localized new sites. also provides interactive banner advertising on its home site, as well as all participating job sites and career centers on the internet, providing additional advertising exposure to their cclients (Career Builder, Inc.,1996-2000). Although the Job Search Agent only hunts through jobs posted on the Career Builder network, which limits the amount of info rmation available to their clients, was rated by The as by far the best job megasite for employers... practically perfect in every way (Slayton,2000,popup chart). There are several advantages and disadvantages to using this particular vehicle to recruit potential employees. Using an internet recruitment service is more cost effective; a newspaper advertisement costs between $50 to $100, and is good for approximately ten days. An internet listing costs as ...

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How to Make a Cloud Chamber

How to Make a Cloud Chamber Although you cannot see it, background radiation is all around us. Natural (and harmless) sources of radiation include cosmic rays, radioactive decay from elements in rocks, and even radioactive decay from elements in living organisms. A cloud chamber is a simple device that allows us to see the passage of ionizing radiation. In other words, it allows for indirect observation of radiation. The device is also known as a Wilson cloud chamber, in honor of its inventor, Scottish physicist Charles Thomson Rees Wilson. Discoveries made using a cloud chamber and a related device called a bubble chamber led to the 1932 discovery of the positron, the 1936 discovery of the muon, and the 1947 discovery of the kaon. How a Cloud Chamber Works There are different types of cloud chambers. The diffusion-type cloud chamber is the easiest to construct. Basically, the device consists of a sealed container that is made warm on the top and cold on the bottom. The cloud inside the container is made of alcohol vapor (e.g., methanol, isopropyl alcohol). The warm top part of the chamber vaporizes the alcohol. The vapor cools as it falls and condenses on the cold bottom. The volume between the top and bottom is a cloud of supersaturated vapor. When an energetic charged particle (the radiation) passes through the vapor, it leaves an ionization trail. The alcohol and water molecules in the vapor are polar, so they are attracted to ionized particles. Because the vapor is supersaturated, when the molecules move closer, they condense into misty droplets that fall toward the bottom of the container. The path of the trail can be traced back to the origin of the radiation source. Make a Homemade Cloud Chamber Only a few simple materials are needed to construct a cloud chamber: Clear glass or plastic container with lid99% Isopropyl alcoholDry iceInsulated container (e.g., a foam cooler)Absorbent materialBlack paperVery bright flashlightSmall bowl of warm water A good container might be a large empty peanut butter jar. Isopropyl alcohol is available at most pharmacies as rubbing alcohol. Make sure its 99% alcohol. Methanol also works for this project, but it is much more toxic. The absorbent material could be a sponge or piece of felt. An LED flashlight works well for this project, but you can also use the flashlight on your smartphone. Youll also want your phone handy to take pictures of the tracks in the cloud chamber. Start by stuffing a piece of sponge into the bottom of the jar. You want a snug fit so it wont fall when the jar is inverted later on. If necessary, a bit of clay or gum can help stick the sponge to the jar. Avoid tape or glue, since the alcohol may dissolve it.Cut the black paper to cover the inside of the lid. Black paper eliminates reflection and is slightly absorbent. If the paper doesnt stay in place when the lid is sealed, stick it to the lid using clay or gum. Set the paper-lined lid aside for now.Pour isopropyl alcohol into the jar so that the sponge is completely saturated, but there isnt excess liquid. The easiest way to do this is to add alcohol until there is liquid and then pour the excess out.Seal the lid of the jar.In a room that can be made completely dark (e.g., a closet or bathroom without windows), pour dry ice into a cooler. Turn the jar upside down and place it lid-down onto the dry ice. Give the jar about 10 minutes to chill.Set a small dish of warm water on top of the cloud chamber (onto the bottom of the jar). The warm water heats the alcohol to form a cloud of vapor. Finally, turn off all the lights. Shine a flashlight through the side of the cloud chamber. Youll see visible tracks in the cloud as ionizing radiation enters and leaves the jar. Safety Considerations Even though isopropyl alcohol is safer than methanol, its still toxic if you drink it and its highly flammable. Keep it away from a heat source or open flame.Dry ice is cold enough to cause frostbite on contact. It should be handled using gloves. Also, dont store dry ice in a sealed container, as pressure build-up as the solid sublimates into gas can cause an explosion. Things to Try If you have a radioactive source, place it near the cloud chamber and see the effect of the increased radiation. Some everyday materials are radioactive, such as brazil nuts, bananas, clay kitty litter, and vaseline glass.A cloud chamber offers an excellent opportunity to test methods of shielding against radiation. Place different materials between your radioactive source and the cloud chamber. Examples might include a baggie of water, a piece of paper, your hand, and a sheet of metal. Which is best at shielding against radiation?Try applying a magnetic field to the cloud chamber. Positive and negative charged particles will curve in opposite directions in response to the field. Cloud Chamber Versus Bubble Chamber A bubble chamber is another type of radiation detector based on the same principle as the cloud chamber. The difference is that bubble chambers used superheated liquid rather than supersaturated vapor. A bubble chamber is made by filling a cylinder with a liquid just above its boiling point. The most common liquid is liquid hydrogen. Usually, a magnetic field is applied to the chamber so that ionizing radiation travels in a spiral path according to its speed and charge-to-mass ratio. Bubble chambers may be larger than cloud chambers and can be used to track more energetic particles.

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Product description and feature benefit Analysis Essay

Product description and feature benefit Analysis - Essay Example Interchanging the pendants is easy and quick for the users. The jewels contain the ornamental caps that are designed with uncomplicated functional shapes that allow possible attachments of different designs of less expensive pieces of ornaments. In all the interchangeable jewels, the original ornament contains a cover piece used to protect the attached portion used as a decorative material (Kameleon, 2013). This gives the user a taste of different jewels everyday with minimal modifications. The accessories used for the interchangeable jewels are easy and cheap to produce. Therefore, they are readily available in jewel shops with customer-friendly prices. The key design elements found in the interchangeable jewels are the decorative caps, the protective cover and the magnetic piece used to secure the accessory ornament. The inclusion of these aspects ensures that the jewels are in line with fashion and provides jewel lovers with cheap alternatives for variety. This design also makes the jewels unique because of the interchangeability that creates a new look (Kameleon, 2013). Therefore, an individual can also add to the collection of the interchangeable pendants and increase the jewels selection. As a result, the customer can stay in fashion by wearing different jewels everyday and save money. This is done through buying a single necklace or earring and interchanging the pendants to create

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Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 1

Management - Essay Example Operations, quite differently from other major organization’s functional areas such as financing, marketing, accounting etc, are more directly related to an organization’s day-to-day quest of its main business (Summers, 1998, p. 1). Operational efficiency and effectiveness are critically important two terms in the contemporary business literatures, not only since they are of greater importance in strategic management but also they represent the most reliable aspects of growth and profits. This report chooses Dell Inc and describes examples of its strategic managerial and operational activities for critically analyzing the operational efficiency and effective systems to explain how they are aligned to deliver its performance objectives. Dell Inc: An Overview Started as a very small lucrative business in 1984 by Michael Dell, the company has now grown to become one of the largest computer manufacturer and multinational companies with strong strategic vision and operationa l emphasis on ‘going direct business model’, supply chain and build to order process, virtual integration and customer focus. As Holzner (2006, p. 5) noted, Dell was placed as 25th in the list of computer manufacturers in 1990s, but eventually, its operational efficiencies and technology advantages helped the company prospered while all other 24 companies have gone out of the list. It also achieved significant place in fortune 500 companies in 1992. With more than 63,000 employees, Dell Inc operates in more than 150 countries holding considerable market share in almost all the countries it markets its products and services. With a view to eliminate middlemen markups, it has created a strategic formula of direct marketing to help it maintain substantial cost advantages (Magretta, 1999, p.193). Michael dell has long been concentrating on operation efficiencies to be attained through strategic emphasis on ‘going direct’ model, effective supply chain process, v irtual integration and customization process etc. As shown in the depiction above, Dell in 2011 has been placed as third largest PC maker and marketer in the world just behind HP and Acer. Dell represented 12 percent market share in the worldwide PC market. Dell, though the recent market share and business performance has been accounted as quite below as compared to its previous years’ records, has been fostering on innovation, technology and efficient operation that in turn helped the company maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. When it comes to the business operation and operational objectives of Dell, it is very evident that the company has implemented superior managerial operation and most effective supply chain technique that have ever worked for Dell (Bozarth, 2005, p. 22). Various operational techniques such as going direct model, supply chain, customization, customer focus etc are analyzed below to review how these are deployed in Dell to achieve its organiza tional performance objectives. Going Direct Business Model For Dell Inc, the going direct marketing model has long been the